Lamb Chop with Ume paste

Ume Paste has a unique flavor that can be used with various meat dishes!

Servings 2


  • Lamb Chop (2 Pieces)
  • Shiso Plum Paste Sauce
  • Simmered wine (boiled until reduced to half) 25 mil (Before boiling 50ml)
  • Beef Stock 25 ml
  • Minced Ginger ½ tsp
  • Minced Garlic ½ tsp
  • Kinjirushi Shiso Plum Paste sauce 1 tsp
  • Butter 1 tsp (15g)
  • Pepper – to taste
  • Honey 1 ½ tsp


  • 1In a small pot, melt the butter and add the ginger and garlic
  • 2Add the Beef stock, red wine and shiso ume paste. Boil and simmer until reduced to half.
  • 3Add the honey and pepper
  • 4When the sauce thickens, pour on top of the lamp chop.

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