Mizu-Taki: Japanese Hotpot

This famous dish is from the Hakata region.

It is chicken broth with vegetables served with Yuzu pepper.



  • Chicken Bone for Broth (10kg or more)
  • Chicken (For 4 people)
  • Chinese Cabbage (1/2)
  • Chrysanthemum (1 bunch)
  • Shiitake Mushrooms (4 pieces)
  • Tofu (1 piece)
  • Yuzu Pepper (2 tbsp)
  • Spring Onions

In this Recipe


  • 1Boil chicken bone for more than 10 hours to make the broth.
  • 2Add Chinese cabbage, shiitake mash rooms, chrysanthemum, tofu and pre-cooked chicken with broth.
  • 3Served with Grated radish with pepper, spring onions and yuzu pepper.

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