Vegan Ramen with Yuzu Oil

Ramen is traditionally made with Pork or Chicken base. Its a challenge for ramen lovers to eat a good flavorful ramen with only vegan options. We created a Vegan ramen recipe that you can make right at your home using our Umami Veggie Dashi.

Servings 1


In this Recipe


  • 1Heat the frying pan first, then add the yuzu oil. Then, Stir-fry the onion, carrots, king oyster mushrooms and chive for three minutes.
  • 2Add the bean sprout for one minute then add one pack of vegetable dashi with a pinch of salt and pepper lightly mix. Then set aside.
  • 3Pour water into small pan bringing to a boil.
  • 4Add one vegetable dashi pack and when four minutes is up, take it out.
  • 5Add the ramen noodle and cook for three minutes.
  • 6Transfer the ramen noodle to the bowl, then top it with vegetables.
  • 7Ready to serve.

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