[New Item] Wasabi Furikake

What is Furikake?
Furikake is a Japanese word that describes a mixture of dried seasonings including sesame seeds, fish flakes, salt, seaweed and many other flavors. The name itself is derived from the Japanese word meaning to sprinkle. Furikake is used in many ways and can help flavor any bland dish. The most common use is over steamed rice or mixed into onigiri (rice balls).



Introducing Wasabi Furikake.

Wasabi Furikake

We teamed up with Takaokaya to bring you our wasabi furikake. Using authentic wasabi granules made in Japan, we combined it with the famous combination of Takaokaya’s furikake to bring you a fresh new flavor to enjoy with your next meal.

Use this furikake on top of rice, with your favorite pasta or in your favorite poke recipe. Sprinkle it over eggs, use as a topping with your popcorn and can even use it with your next fried rice recipe. With endless possibilities, this wasabi furikake can flavor your favorite dishes with wasabi flavor enhanced with the umami of bonito flakes and nori (seaweed).

Wasabi furikake is now available on Amazon with a special discount to Amazon prime members.