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Yuzu Shio Delight at Jinya Ramen Bar

As we approach Christmas, it’s getting pretty chilly even for the LA area. While walking around in Santa Monica the other day, I walked by Jinya Ramen Bar and decided to have lunch there. Jinya Ramen Bar is a ramen chain restaurant with over 35 locations located in both the US and Canada. I’ve heard […]

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Dinner at Hasu Japanese Izakaya and Grill

There are many delicious places to eat Japanese food in Torrance. The other day, I went to “Hasu” located in North Torrance, CA. Hasu has been around for a very long time but was closed for a while due to renovations of the building. Prior to its reopening, Hasu reminded one of a traditional yakitori/izakaya […]

Christmas Giveaway

Christmas Giveaway

With the never ending increase in prices this year, we decided to do another giveaway for one of our best selling items to enjoy during the Christmas holiday season. We released our Umami Veggie Dashi earlier this year on amazon and has been selling very well since its release. Although we can’t stop or reverse […]

Himekuri 1

Himekuri Calendar

As we approach the end of each year, for over 20 years, Kinjirushi Wasabi proudly distributes to our customers our famous “Himekuri Calendars”. Himekuri means “turning the day” in Japanese and this day to day calendar brings good luck to its holder as it is designed with the year’s Chinese Zodiac written with traditional Japanese […]