Yuzu Salmon Pasta
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[NEW RECIPE] Yuzu Salmon Pasta

Happy Friday! Here is a recipe using our brand new Yuzu Oil. Yuzu Oil goes well with both meat and fish. We used it with salmon this time to create an aromatic salmon pasta dish. You can utilize this oil to create a wonderful aroma without changing the flavor of your overall dish. You can […]

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Health Benefits of Wasabi

    The long history of Wasabi (Japanese horseradish) has been rooted in the Japanese culture and in present day, is familiar to any Japanese person. From a technical aspect of the plant, it is classified as a member of the Wasabi genus of the Brassicaceae family, and its scientific name is “Wasabia japonica Matsumura”. […]

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Hana Wasabi

When we give or receive flowers, have you ever stopped to think about the meaning behind the flower you just purchased or received? Did you know that each flower has a meaning also known as flower language? For example, the most popular flower for Valentine’s day is a red rose. The flower language behind the […]


[New Item] Yuzu Oil

Japan is the world’s largest Yuzu producer with a yearly production of over 27,000 tons. Over 50% of the Yuzu in Japan is produced in the Kochi Prefecture and is currently not only used all over Japan, but Yuzu is also exported to many countries as its popularity grows throughout the years. Due to the […]

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Yuzu Pound Cake

Need some ideas for a Valentine’s day treat? Try our Yuzu Pound Cake for this Valentine’s day season. Taking the traditional pound cake recipe, we added some yuzu peel and yuzu juice to give the cake a nice citrus aroma that goes well with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and ice cream! Yuzu Pound Cake Ingredients: […]