[Event] NRA Show 2022

  The National Restaurant Association (NRA) show hosted their annual trade show at the McCormick Convention Center located in Chicago, IL. Their first show since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 had cancelled the show for 2 consecutive years making this comeback special as it served as a place to gather and converse after a […]


[New] Yuzu Juice

With the success of Yuzu Peel and Yuzu Oil, we decided to create our own Yuzu Juice to complement our Yuzu series. There are many Yuzu products out there but Kinjirushi Yuzu Juice is 100% Yuzu with absolutely no additives, salt or preservatives. To bring the best more pure flavor to our customers, we processed […]


[Now Available on Amazon] Kinjirushi Wasabi in Tube

  Kinjirushi Wasabi in tube is now available for purchase on Amazon This wasabi is prepared in a tube where you can easily squeeze out the wasabi. Spicy but also delicious, add this wasabi to your next sushi party. Now, you can purchase this item on amazon so you don’t have to go searching for […]