[New] Yuzu Juice

With the success of Yuzu Peel and Yuzu Oil, we decided to create our own Yuzu Juice to complement our Yuzu series.

There are many Yuzu products out there but Kinjirushi Yuzu Juice is 100% Yuzu with absolutely no additives, salt or preservatives. To bring the best more pure flavor to our customers, we processed this Yuzu juice frozen and deliver to our customers frozen to help increase the shelf life as much as possible.

Our 100% Kochi Prefecture Yuzu juice brings a Yuzu juice that is both aromatic and flavorful. Our Yuzu tartness does not overpower the juice itself allowing the users to really enjoy the aroma and flavor without worrying about it being too sour. There are already many recipes that you can enjoy our Yuzu juice including cakes, pasta dishes, carpaccio, cocktails and many many more.

Don’t hesitate to add this wonderful juice to your next recipe. You won’t find another juice quite like it!


Yuzu Juice