[New Item] Yuzu Oil

Japan is the world’s largest Yuzu producer with a yearly production of over 27,000 tons. Over 50% of the Yuzu in Japan is produced in the Kochi Prefecture and is currently not only used all over Japan, but Yuzu is also exported to many countries as its popularity grows throughout the years. Due to the limited number of Yuzu available worldwide, Yuzu has racked up a premium price especially overseas. Yuzu averages about $1 USD to $3 USD in Japan for 1 yuzu or a pack of yuzu depending on the size and quality. However, in exported countries such as the US, this price increases anywhere from $8 to $20 a pound. Due to the increasing demand these past few years, prices have steadily increased as limited production is not keeping up with upward tick in demand.

Although fresh Yuzu is very popular, the limited lifespan of the fruit increases difficulty for mass distribution to many countries. Therefore, processing the fruit into products such as essential oils has become popular in recent years. According to an essential oil manufacturer, it takes about 1 ton of Yuzu to produce 1 kg of essential oil. With an annual supply of about 27,000 tons, producing Yuzu oil from Yuzu exclusively in Japan can become very expensive very quickly.

Our new Yuzu Oil utilizes essential oil created from Yuzu 100% produced in Japan and mixed it with a neutral oil (Rapeseed Oil) to create a cooking companion that can complement almost any dish. Although many infused oils use Olive oil as its base, we specifically chose Rapeseed oil since Olive oil has a distinctive taste and aroma that would conflict with the Yuzu aroma. After extensive research, we are able to present to you our Yuzu oil made from the highest quality of Yuzu produced in Japan. If you ever want to enjoy the wonderful fragrance of Yuzu but cannot get your hands on fresh Yuzu, our Yuzu oil is the perfect solution for your next recipe.

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Yuzu Oil

Available: 150 ml/16 bottles per case


Ramen with Yuzu Oil