Yuzu Shio Delight at Jinya Ramen Bar

As we approach Christmas, it’s getting pretty chilly even for the LA area. While walking around in Santa Monica the other day, I walked by Jinya Ramen Bar and decided to have lunch there. Jinya Ramen Bar is a ramen chain restaurant with over 35 locations located in both the US and Canada. I’ve heard great reviews but never really had a chance to stop by so I was pretty excited since there was no line when I arrived.

They have a variety of menu options but the new item caught my eye, Yuzu Shio Delight. Yuzu Shio means Yuzu salt and it was a perfect match since I was looking to try something new. Service was fast and my ramen came out in about 5 minutes after ordering. The ramen consisted of green onions, spinach, nori (seaweed), chashu (marinated pork) and flavored egg. I was curious as to how Jinya made their yuzu ramen since upon first inspection, I did not see any Yuzu peels as a topping. The ramen was very aromatic and you could immediately tell the presence of Yuzu. I was afraid that due to the natural strong taste of Yuzu, it would overpower the taste of the ramen but upon trying it, you could taste the yuzu without any sour aftertaste.

The overall flavor was well balanced and very flavorful. If you are looking for something new to try, I highly recommend this ramen. This Yuzu Shio ramen was indeed a delight.

Yuzu Shio Delight


Sizes Available: 100g x 5 pieces x 6B