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Yuzu Pound Cake

Need some ideas for a Valentine’s day treat? Try our Yuzu Pound Cake for this Valentine’s day season. Taking the traditional pound cake recipe, we added some yuzu peel and yuzu juice to give the cake a nice citrus aroma that goes well with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and ice cream! Yuzu Pound Cake Ingredients: […]

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Homemade Yuzu Jam Danish

These past few months, I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries on new ways to use our Yuzu peel. It is currently being used with Sushi and Ramen but wanted to see how I could incorporate it in other ways. After brainstorming with a professional chef, we decided to make Yuzu jam with the peels […]

Yuzu Shio Delight
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Yuzu Shio Delight at Jinya Ramen Bar

As we approach Christmas, it’s getting pretty chilly even for the LA area. While walking around in Santa Monica the other day, I walked by Jinya Ramen Bar and decided to have lunch there. Jinya Ramen Bar is a ramen chain restaurant with over 35 locations located in both the US and Canada. I’ve heard […]