New Item – Yuzu Peel (KIZAMI-YUZU)

What is Yuzu?

Yuzu is considered an exotic citrus fruit that is mainly cultivated in Asia. Compared to other fruits, it’s highly aromatic but due to the seed-packed ultra sour taste, it is not meant to be eaten but instead used for its zest and juices.

Yuzu is also one of the few citrus fruits that can maintain its tart in high heat when cooking, making this fruit a popular choice for baked goods. Yuzu has been used and loved in Japan and has become an integral part of Japanese culture including Ponzu sauce, Yuzu-Kosho (Yuzu Pepper), essential oils, teas and jams.

Sizes Available: 100g x 5 pieces x 6B

Our frozen yuzu peel is sourced from carefully chosen yuzu orchards in Japan and each peel is individually frozen prior to placing them in each bag. This allows easy access to each individual peel straight out the freezer with no clumping or having to wait for the peel to defrost. Our high-quality peels allow for maximum aroma to complement your favorite dish. You can replace Yuzu with many lemon recipes including meringue pie, cookies, scones, sorbet, cocktails and many more!