Bar and Restaurant Expo 2023


With trade shows making a come back this year, we will be attending the Bar and Restaurant Expo located at the Las Vegas Convention Center on 3/28 and 3/29. We will be part of the Jetro Booth at booth number J02. We will be show casing our new seasoning series including wasabi salt, Yuzu Salt and Wasabi Shoyu Powder. These salts can be used in a variety of dishes but are also great to mix into cocktails and used as cocktail rim salt.




Come stop by our booth to sample our new flavors to see if you can integrate them into your own recipes. All of our seasoning series has taken traditional Japanese tastes and brought them in a convenient seasoning packet.


Also exhibited at our booth with be our Yuzu Juice. Our Yuzu juice is made from 100% Yuzu fruit with no additives and salt. Our yuzu juice is freshly squeezed into the bottle and frozen to maximize the taste and aroma of the juice. We do not heat sterilize our juice like our competitors which allows the juice to have a fresher taste and aroma compared to those which are heat sterilized. Although there are a lot of competitors out there, we pride ourselves in bringing the freshest yuzu taste for the world to taste. You must try to understand the difference. We will have samples at our booth so please feel free to stop by and try our Yuzu Juice.  The most popular uses are for cocktails, carpaccio, ramen and desserts. Change out any lemons with our yuzu juice to add a Japanese twist to your cuisine!