[New Item] Sweet Potato Paste – Yaki Imo Paste (Beni-Haruka)

Our Sweet Potato Paste (Yaki Imo) is now available for purchase. This sweet potato was introduced in our post last month where we took the popular Beni-Haruka sweet potato native to Kyushu region of Japan. It attracted attention when it was first introduced because the level of sweetness exceeded many of the other sweet potatoes that were available at that time.  When Beni-Haruka is baked, it can reach a sweetness level of over 60 degrees, which is sweeter than most fruits. This makes Beni-Haruka an extremely sweet vegetable but also highly nutritious.


We took the extremely popular Beni-Haruka and made it into a convenient paste so that our users can enjoy the maximum sweetness of the beni-haruka sweet potato whenever needed. This item is exclusively available in LA at the moment but if you are interested in the product, please contact us through our contact us page and we’d be more than happy to connect with you for purchasing options!