Boston Seafood Show 2022

We exhibited at the Boston Seafood Show 2022 held at the Boston Convention Center from March 13 to 15. The Boston Seafood Show is one of the largest seafood shows in the world, along with the Belgium Seafood Show. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we had less visitors than prior years but had about 1,340 exhibitors and 22,600 visitors gathered from all over the world. We exhibited at the JETRO booth with other Japanese companies as part of the Japan Team.

In our booth, we exhibited and introduced a wide range of products, mainly frozen products such as fresh grated wasabi, chopped wasabi, and yuzu. We also displayed a model of fresh grated wasabi and explained that the closest wasabi to fresh grated wasabi is FS-208 (frozen fresh grated wasabi for overseas use), and when we let visitors try it, most of them were surprised and highly praised the taste, saying “I have never tasted such a wonderful taste before,” “It tastes completely different from conventional wasabi,” “It is pungent but has a natural spiciness. This product was very popular at the show and helped us educate the attendees the real taste of wasabi.

Yuzu is also gaining recognition and popularity in the U.S. Many customers were impressed by the aroma and taste of Yuzu peel (YUB-100) and Yuzu oil (YOU-15) when they tasted them. We strongly felt that we would like to continue to actively participate in such exhibitions to promote and educate people about our products so that more people can understand the real taste of yuzu.

Real wasabi is very hard to come by especially in the US. There are a few farms that cultivate wasabi but the demand is much higher than the supply. As real wasabi loses its taste and aroma fairly quickly after harvesting, bringing this taste to anywhere but local area becomes a challenge. Therefore our FS-208 is a great replacement for all sushi restaurants as we perfected our technology in freezing the product so that when defrosted, you and your customers can enjoy real wasabi taste and aroma right at your own counter.

Hon Wasabi
Sizes Available: 6/5/7 oz (200g)