[New Item] Curry Flavored Shrimp Chips – Now Avaliable on Amazon

Mild Curry Flavored Shrimp Chips

By Kinjirushi Wasabi


After launching our Wasabi flavored shrimp chips, we decided to venture out and try a new flavor Curry. Curry is one of the most beloved dishes in Japan and is even considered a national dish. It is eaten in almost every home in Japan and is loved by both children and adults. There are many ways to eat curry, tradionally with beef or chicken or with seafood or even with vegetarian variations. This beloved flavor can now be enjoyed in your home as we launch curry flavored shrimp chips.

We carefully chosen specific spices that is pallet friendly to both children and adults. Not too spicy, this mild flavor can attract any crowd who has a love for traditional Japanese food.

Each amazon order comes in a 3 pack and can be enjoyed with your family or you can keep them all to yourselves. Try our new chips today and let us know how they taste!

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