Himekuri Calendar 2023 Now Available on Amazon!

Our Himekuri Calendars have now arrived and is available on here!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase our Himekuri Calendars. Traditionally, in the past, they were only given our customers as a gift for their business but due to high demand, we’ve decided to make them available for purchase to anyone who is interested. Every year, there is limited stock therefore, buy yours today before it sells out!

Year 2023 is the year of the Rabbit. Rabbits are known to to be vigilant, witty quick-minded and ingenious. They are most compatible with goats, dogs and pigs. People born the year of the rabbit are predicted to be gentle and quiet but alert and skillful, patient and responsible. However, they also have a tendency to keep to themselves and are hesitant to reveal their minds to others. But at the same time, they are faithful to those around them.  (source)

If you are or know of someone who was born on the year of the rabbit, this will make an excellent and memorable Christmas gift. We hope that our himekuri calendars give joy and luck to those who receive them.