[New Item] Wasabi Soy Sauce Powder

New from Kinjirushi Wasabi!

Introducing Wasabi Soy Sauce Powder (Shoyu Powder) from Kinjirushi Wasabi. As part of our seasoning line up, our newest product is Wasabi Soy Sauce Powder. We decided to bring the beloved wasabi soy sauce flavor to every home and restaurant in a convenient powder form. This pungent but flavorful powder can be used in many dishes but our personal favorite is seasoning our favorite snacks like popcorn and mixed nuts. You’ve heard of wasabi soy sauce almonds? Well, no need to purchase pre-flavored almonds when you can purchase your favorite mixed nuts and season it to your personal liking.

Be warned, this powder packs a mean punch so when you first start using it, I highly suggest you use it sparingly until you figure out your spice tolerance 🙂