[Coming Soon] Yaki Imo Paste (Japanese Baked Sweet Potato Paste)

Do you know what Yaki Imo is? Yaki Imo is a Japanese Sweet Potato known as Satsuma Imo roasted to perfection for a sweet treat that is beloved by millions in Japan. It is traditionally eaten piping hot during the cold winter days. This sweet treat is not only delicious but also healthy to help promote healthy living and eating.

In Japan, yaki imo is loved by many people and during the winter, many restaurants and bakeries have limited time menu items that feature this potato. Anywhere from Sweet Potato bread to sweet potato cakes. Some places serve sweet potato cheesecakes while others create it into a specialized drink. Even Starbucks Japan has a Satsuma Imo Frappaccino! (Link)

However, outside of Japan, this vegetable is not raved as much as other potatoes such as Ube.

We are proud to bring over “Beni Haruka” Sweet Potato in a paste form. This can be used in a variety of baking cuisines anywhere from breads, cakes, ice cream and much more. Beni Haruka Sweet Potato is one of the most popular sweet potatoes available in Japan. It is said to have a soft texture with an outstanding natural sweetness that surpass other sweet potatoes. Most fruits and vegetables have a Brix scale of around 20 degrees but the Beni Haruka Sweet Potato is close to 40. This alone shows the level of sweetness from the vegetable alone. Not only is this sweet potato sweet, it is highly nutritious including Vitamin A, Manganese, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, FIber, Beta-carotene, Copper, Vitamin B1, Protein and Potassium.

Don’t miss out on including Beni Haruka in your next recipe as it will be available in a paste form from Kinjirushi Wasabi.
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