[New] New Accessory to Haganezame

After launching the Hanagezame back in 2020, it has been loved by all of our users. This environmentally friendly stainless steel version of Shark Skin Grater has become quote popular within sushi restaurants and even in homes around the world. Due to high demand, starting from this month, we decided to include a “Tawashi Brush” with the Regular size Hanagemzame. So what exactly is a tawashi brush you may ask? It is actually a traditional brush made from gibers of the windmill palm. This burhs has been used in Japan for centuries to clean pots and dishes. It can also be used to scrub friuts and vegetables without removing their nutrients and skin. But most of all, it is loved by cast iron users to use to clean their cast iron cookware.

Tawashi brushes can range anywhere from $6-$12 according to Amazon. There are many different shapes and sizes but the fact that this brush helps clean not only your haganezame, but a variety of other things in your sink makes it a useful tool to have around the house.

These newly new kits will be available on amazon from mid February 2023.