[New Item] Yuzu Salt

After launching our Wasabi Salt back in 2020, we received many inquiries about adding to our salt series. Therefore, after considering our options, Kinjirushi is proud to announce Yuzu Salt as our 2nd series in our Seasoning line up. Our Yuzu Salt was co-created with a highly renown Chef located in the LA area and through his help and collaboration, we were able to come up with a highly aromatic salt that can be used in a variety of ways. Yuzu can be sourced in many countries such as Korea and China. Depending on the origins of the yuzu, the flavor and aroma slightly differs based on its original orchard. However, without Yuzu Salt, we use 100% Japanese Yuzu with the help and partnership of Yuzu orchard owners in Japan. We are proud to bring our newest product that highlights the wonderful quality of Japanese products now available for purchase through amazon.com

So how can you use our Yuzu Salt you may ask? Here are a few ideas to utilize our new Yuzu Salt.
1) You can use it as a cocktail rim last to give your cocktails a nice Yuzu finish
2) You can also mix it into your next cocktail to add the salty and sour flavor finish
3) It goes great with white fish
4) A perfect alternative to soy sauce by adding a pinch of our salt on your Nigiri Sushi
5) Great companion with potatoes and popcorn
6) Finish off grilled vegetables with a sprinkle of the Yuzu Salt

If you have any great ideas for Yuzu Salt usage, let us know via our Social Media pages. We hope you enjoy this new salt as much as we do!