[News] Yuzu Macarons at Irvine Spectrum

What are macarons?

I always heard of macarons but I never had any interest in them since I thought they were made from coconut. It was only recently was I properly educated that there are 2 snacks that get mixed up with each other; macarons and macaroons. The spelling is very familiar so its no wonder people get these 2 mixed up.

Just to give you a short summary:

Macaroons are popular in the US and is made from chewy shredded coconut cookies.

Macarons are from France and they are butter-creamed filled cookie sandwiches that you commonly find on the streets of Paris. They are said to be “magical, dainty, chic, stylish and delicious in equal measure” (https://www.sweetdarlingpatisserie.com/what-are-french-macarons)



We are proud to announce that the very popular “Honey and Butter Macarons” located in the Irvine Spectrum in Orange County, CA will be releasing a series of Yuzu flavored macarons using Kinjirushi Yuzu products. Our Yuzu juice is freshly squeezed from the fruit and placed in the freezer immediately. This allows us to provide the freshest yuzu flavor without sacrificing aroma and flavor by heat sanitization. Our Yuzu peels are individually frozen to allow the users to use just enough peels without having to defrost excess amount.

Honey and Butter will be using both products in their yuzu flavor series which will start 7/21/2022 and all throughout summer and hopefully into the fall as well.
If you’re in the area, don’t forgot to stop by their shop and purchase their excellent macarons and don’t forget the yuzu flavor!